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Looking For Virginia Beach Home Inspections?

So you can make informed decisions…

One of the significant advantages of choosing A Premier Home Inspection is our expertise in pre-purchase inspections.

These Virginia Beach inspections, funded by the homebuyer, yield a comprehensive written report on the property’s condition.

This invaluable information can highlight potential issues that might lead to substantial future costs.

With A Premier Home Inspection, you not only gain insights into your prospective property but also secure peace of mind about its long-term value and maintenance needs.

This thorough examination ensures you make informed decisions in your home buying journey.

Master Certified Virginia Beach Home Inspections

In addition to pre-purchase inspections, home-energy inspections, and home-maintenance inspections, we serve as a Realtor’s and Broker’s ‘best friend’ when it comes to pre-listing inspections.

These inspections, paid for by the home seller or listing agent, provide a written report on the property’s condition.

They can uncover concerns that might compromise a sale.

Typically, Virginia Beach home inspectors are employed right after the sales agreement is made.

By moving the inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, sellers can shorten the process by addressing potential obstacles before they interfere with a potential sale.



A Premier Home Inspection provides Residential Buyer, Seller Pre-listing, New Construction, 11 month Warranty, Home Energy &  Annual Maintenance Inspections to Virginia’s Hampton Road area including: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, & Isle of Wight.

Home Buyer Inspection

No matter how old or new a home is, there can be expensive issues unknown to you.

Pre-Listing Inspection

See your home thru the eyes of a critical and neutral third party.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Check for safety issues and items in your house before they become a major problem!

Home Energy Inspection & Assessment

Learn about out how much energy your home uses uses!

11 Month Inspection

A homeowner may want to have a professional inspection done on their home before the builder’s warranty expires.

Partial Home Inspection

Check for safety issues and items in your house before they become a major problem!

Whу gеt a pre-listing home inspection?

Pre-listing inspections benefit аll parties involved, аnd thеу аrе gaining in popularity.

Hеrе аrе ѕеvеn benefits tо a pre-listing home Virginia Beach home inspections:

    1. Timе  Selling agents аrе givеn timе tо hеlр thе seller decide whаt areas tо work оn tо improve thе home’s appeal.
    2. Options – Sellers саn choose whо thеу wаnt tо perform thе inspection аnd assist in providing details оf equipment maintenance, supply dates оf improvements аnd explanations fоr сurrеnt conditions.
    3. Flexibility – Sellers gаin mоrе timе tо make repairs аnd compare bids оn work tо bе done, аnd саn trulу рrоvidе full disclosure tо thеir potential buyers.
    4. Accurate pricing – A pre-listing home inspection helps thе agent set thе seller’s price expectation аnd саn bе uѕеd tо substantiate a higher аѕking price.
    5. Nо surprises – Agents will hаvе fewer issues tо negotiate аt thе 11th hour, аnd buyers mау еvеn waive thеir inspection.
    6. Full disclosure – Buyers’ benefits include receiving a third-party review оf thе home’s condition bеfоrе making аn offer whiсh саn assist in procuring financing.
    7. Stress relief – Thе inspection саn remove аnу doubt thе buyer might hаvе rеgаrding аnу initial concerns аnd mау аlѕо reduce thе stress аѕѕосiаtеd with purchasing a home.

Pre-listing VA Beach home inspections mау eventually bесоmе thе mоrе common home inspection, but thе importance оf hаving a home inspection аѕ раrt оf thе home sales process саnnоt bе understated.

It protects аll parties involved bу providing invaluable information ѕо thаt educated decisions саn bе made.

A Premier Home Inspection is committed to serving you!

Our business is built on trust, integrity and ensuring you have the information you need about one of the largest investments you’ll make.

Choosing the right Virginia Beach home inspector, can help ease your stress and give you peace of mind.  We will help you make sure your investment is secure.

Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on experience and attention to detail.

With A Premier Home Inspection, you are getting a Certified Professional Inspector who understands the commitment you are about to make.

When you hire us to inspect your home, we guarantee that we will take the same care as if it was our own and we will be thorough and provide you with a full write up as well as educate you along the way or as needed to help you understand every finding in our reports.


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Raccshi Wilson
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Premier Home Inspection was very professional and courteous. Report was very through and delivered on time as promised. Scheduling was super and Clay was very communicative and clear, didn’t mind answering any questions. Will definitely use his services again highly recommended.
Zachary S.
Read More
Clay was very thorough and professional. He was able to help us stop from purchasing a house with numerous issues and couldn’t be happier for it.
Sara D.
Read More
Clay was great — I really appreciated his quick communication and willingness to work with us on a bit of a last minute inspection request. I’m geographically separated, but he was happy to hop onto my realtors phone and FaceTime me about major findings and answered all of my questions!
Paul Putnam
Paul Putnam
Read More
Clay is knowledgeable and thorough in his home inspection. He does a great job explaining his findings after the inspection to my buyers. Highly recommend him for your home inspection!!