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When purchasing or selling a property, a home inspection is crucial. Certified professionals assess a home’s safety, structural integrity, and overall condition, and here’s a breakdown of the core areas they evaluate:

Structural Integrity:

Plumbing Systems:

Electrical Systems:

Heating and Cooling Systems:

Exterior and Property:

Understanding the main areas a home inspector focuses on provides invaluable insights into your property’s state, whether you’re buying or selling. From structural aspects to plumbing and electrical systems, a thorough home inspection can help ensure safety, pinpoint potential issues, and offer Peace Of Mind.

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How long is a typical home inspection? 

Approximately 2-4 hours, varying by the home’s size, age and condition.

Should buyers attend the inspection? 

Not required, but advisable to learn about the home.

Are all inspectors certified? 

It differs by state. Always choose an inspector certified by an approved institution.

Can homes fail inspection? 

No. Inspections highlight concerns; they don’t grade pass or fail.